Rebecca Wise Girson

Hello and welcome to my on-line portfolio. I’m Rebecca Wise Girson, a painter and a contact center industry consultant (an obvious combination, right?). 

In 2002, I started painting as a way to combat the inherent stress of corporate life. What initially began as a way to decompress from a hectic day quickly grew into something much more. Painting has transformed the way I view myself in relationship to what I do for a living and helps me put the concerns of the “day job” into perspective.

I view the act of painting almost like a meditation. It quiets my mind, allows me to focus on the moment and takes me to a place where project deadlines and office politics do not exist. Instead of planning each piece, my approach is reactive and consists of a series of moment-by-moment decisions. Canvas or paper? Watercolor or acrylic? This brush or that brush? This blue or that blue? Each decision both leads to and informs the next, sort of like going on a road trip without a specific destination in mind.

As for my style, I would describe it as “ever-evolving.” There are certain graffiti-like root-system elements seen in many of my pieces, like Swamp Graffiti, Psychedelic DNA and Connected for example, that make different paintings recognizable as “my” work. But as I experiment with various techniques and materials, I grow as an artist and new styles emerge, as is the case with the pouring technique used in Sea Mountain and Approaching Misty Shore. Ultimately, regardless of style, each painting stands alone as a reflection of me.