Rebecca_Wise_GirsonThank you for visiting the new on-line home for my artwork. As you can see, things are currently under construction. Soon, you’ll be able to view my entire portfolio, learn about my current creative project and be able to purchase original artwork and reproductions directly from the site. Until then, I invite you to follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be announcing “Pin-It-To-Win-It” contests exclusive for my Pinterest followers.


In the mean time, here’s a taste of what’s to come…


“Swamp Graffiti”

"Bearing Fruit"

“Bearing Fruit”

"Strange Lattice"

“Strange Lattice”

"Psychedelic DNA"

“Psychedelic DNA”

"Summer Solstice"

“Summer Solstice”



"Garden Silhouette"

“Garden Silhouette”